A 60’s Retro European Sports Car

The MERLIN is our interpretation of the exotic European sports cars of the 1960’s. Utilizing the 240, 260 or 280Z Datsun as a donor car, we make various improvements and re-body the vehicle. The client chooses color and options. 

The MERLIN is available as a turnkey vehicle. The “Street Version” price is just $24,900, or choose the “Street Racer” version for only $41,900. The client can opt to provide the donor vehicle for a credit of $5,500. 

Ready to drive in less than 90 days from order acceptance.

General Description
Front engine
Rear wheel drive
Two seat coupe
Engine: Inline six
Displacement: 2565 CC
Transmission: Four speed manual
Horsepower: 162 @ 5600 (without improvements)

Suspension: Standard McPherson struts
Steering: Standard Datsun Z
Brakes: Optional Datsun rear disk brakes

Body: 168″ L x 67″ W x 49″ H
Wheelbase: Standard Datsun Z
Wheels: Front ~ 8×15, Rear ~ 10×15
Tires: Front ~ P235x15, Rear ~ P295x15

Stage One Kit ~ Street Version
Turnkey $24,900*
A street legal, ready to drive MERLIN in working order with all standard equipment.
• Headlamps & covers, tail lights and directional lights.
• Custom seats (choose from “cobra” seats with 4-point harnesses).
• Goodrich tires.
• Your choice of Hallibrand, Daytona or Zenith wheels.

Stage Two Kit ~ Street/Racer Version
Turnkey $41,900*
A street legal, ready to drive MERLIN in working order with all standard equipment as shown above plus items listed below.
• Adjustable coil-over front & rear 
• Front & rear Datsun disk brakes
• Steel roll bar
• MOMO steering wheel and gearshift
• Engine rebuild with Webber’s (up to $5,000)
• Aluminum radiator
• Engine compartment and interior s/s cross bar
• Borla exhaust
• Headers exhaust manifold
• Jaz Fuel racing cell
• Optima battery with hold down
• Racing dashboard and gauges option or standard Ferrari or NASCAR
• Choice of hatchback or no hatchback

*You may substract $5,500 from these prices if you supply a 240Z, 260Z or 280Z Datsun in good condition. Street Version price becomes $19,400 and Street/Racer price becomes $36,400.

Prices do not include tax. All prices F.O.B. Petaluma, CA.

Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee. Prior written permission for return must be submitted to PKDesigns, and authorized before return of items will be accepted. Shipment of returned goods must be prepaid or it will not be accepted. No returns after 90 days. 

PK Designs , reserves the right to change or modify equipment, specifications or pricing at any time without prior written notice. Licensing is the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer accepts full responsibility for construction, maintenance and operation of buyer’s vehicle. Buyer agrees not to replicate or copy any items included in the packages or optional items.