A 60’s Retro European Sports Car

The MERLIN is our interpretation of the exotic European sports cars of the 1960’s. Utilizing the 240, 260 or 280Z Datsun as a donor car, we make various improvements and re-body the vehicle. The client chooses color and options. 

The MERLIN is available as a turnkey vehicle. The “Street Version” price is just $24,900, or choose the “Street Racer” version for only $41,900. The client can opt to provide the donor vehicle for a credit of $5,500. 

Ready to drive in less than 90 days from order acceptance.

General Description
Front engine
Rear wheel drive
Two seat coupe
Engine: Inline six
Displacement: 2565 CC
Transmission: Four speed manual
Horsepower: 162 @ 5600 (without improvements)

Suspension: Standard McPherson struts
Steering: Standard Datsun Z
Brakes: Optional Datsun rear disk brakes

Body: 168″ L x 67″ W x 49″ H
Wheelbase: Standard Datsun Z
Wheels: Front ~ 8×15, Rear ~ 10×15
Tires: Front ~ P235x15, Rear ~ P295x15

Stage One Kit ~ Street Version
Turnkey $24,900*
A street legal, ready to drive MERLIN in working order with all standard equipment.
• Headlamps & covers, tail lights and directional lights.
• Custom seats (choose from “cobra” seats with 4-point harnesses).
• Goodrich tires.
• Your choice of Hallibrand, Daytona or Zenith wheels.

Stage Two Kit ~ Street/Racer Version
Turnkey $41,900*
A street legal, ready to drive MERLIN in working order with all standard equipment as shown above plus items listed below.
• Adjustable coil-over front & rear 
• Front & rear Datsun disk brakes
• Steel roll bar
• MOMO steering wheel and gearshift
• Engine rebuild with Webber’s (up to $5,000)
• Aluminum radiator
• Engine compartment and interior s/s cross bar
• Borla exhaust
• Headers exhaust manifold
• Jaz Fuel racing cell
• Optima battery with hold down
• Racing dashboard and gauges option or standard Ferrari or NASCAR
• Choice of hatchback or no hatchback

*You may substract $5,500 from these prices if you supply a 240Z, 260Z or 280Z Datsun in good condition. Street Version price becomes $19,400 and Street/Racer price becomes $36,400.

Prices do not include tax. All prices F.O.B. Petaluma, CA.

Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee. Prior written permission for return must be submitted to PKDesigns, and authorized before return of items will be accepted. Shipment of returned goods must be prepaid or it will not be accepted. No returns after 90 days. 

PK Designs , reserves the right to change or modify equipment, specifications or pricing at any time without prior written notice. Licensing is the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer accepts full responsibility for construction, maintenance and operation of buyer’s vehicle. Buyer agrees not to replicate or copy any items included in the packages or optional items.


The Original Boulevard Buggy 

The DENA is a modern interpretation of the phenomenon that arrived on the scene in the 1960’s, but this buggy is meant more for the street than the dunes. Dena has been designed to be fun, good on gas, and ultra easy to build. She’s reasonably priced and able to take advantage of the vast VW parts aftermarket. All of these advantages are wrapped in delicious, up-to-the-minute bodywork.


Introductory Price   $7850.00

This package is designed for those who would like to utilize a shortened Volkswagon Beetle floor plan or build their own 80″ wheelbase chassis. Our custom designed rear engine chassis is available.

Blue Chassis

STAGE ONE PACKAGE ~ Basic Body and Custom Blue Chassis


Body Only Package components along with the DENA Custom  Blue Chassis, Mounting Hardware and our Assembly Manual.



BODY ONLY PACKAGE components along with DENA Custom Blue Chassis, Mounting Hardware and our Assembly Manual plus the following:

 * 4 Wheel Disc Brake Package with Emergency Brakes *Dual Master Cylinder Pedal Assembly with separate Clutch Master Cylinder * All Brake Lines including Stainless Steel Flex Lines to Calipers *10 Gallon Fuel Tank & Fuel Line * Custom Foot Pedal Assembly – Accelerator Pedal * Steering Gear and Shift Assembly * Complete Wiring Harness, Full Lighting & Gauge Package, Switches & Horn * Mirrors – Side and Rear View * Complete Upholstery Package * KYB Front Shocks, Full Ball Joint Front Suspension with Aldan Eagle Shocks [coil over rear] * Latches and Hinges * Wheel and Tire Package * Rear Axle Shafts including CV Joints *

See Our F.A.Q.s for Package Breakdowns

STAGE THREE PACKAGE ~ Turnkey minus engine – Blue Chassis


Includes all Stage Two Components Plus * Heavy Duty Rebuild Transaxle with Short Throw Shifter * All components are assembled to a rolling chassis stage and ready for your choice of engine which may be adapted to the transaxle * Painted Body Parts with your choice of up to two colors-you may deduct $1000.00 if you chose to paint the body yourself *



Introductory Price   $41,995.00

This package includes our custom built chassis [Red Chassis] for mid engine configuration only!

 * Currently being produced using a 1776cc Volkswagon Engine with Webbers and Porsche Shroud, this chassis will allow for the use of the 914 Porsche Engine with 901 Transmission * This completely Assembled Vehicle  includes the chassis with adjustable four wheel  independent suspension and Aldan full custom adjustable coil over shocks front and rear * Also included are all STAGE THREE ‘KIT’ components as well as * Full Custom Interior Package * Four Point Harness * Full Custom Exhaust System * Your choice of up to two paint colors for the body, or deduct $1000.00 if you paint it yourself *


*Seats * Gauges and Switches *

~We will work with you to design your dream car~ Call for Pricing Using Porsche Engine Configuration

Design and Pricing Subject To Change

Prices do not include tax and all prices are F.O.B. Petaluma, CA.

Engines 1975 and Earlier Are SMOG Exempt

Licensing is the responsibility of the owner and is done under “Special Construction”


What are the accessories packages breakdown for the stage[s] ‘kit’ build?

Everything Pertains To The Stage Two Kit on the Blue Chassis – Rear Engine Configuration

Complete Upholstery Package?

bulletPadded Foam Seats -Black or Brown Leatherette Vinyl
bulletCarpeted Sides, Floor, Inside Firewall and Console

Gauge/Switch Package?

bulletDigital Readouts in Choice of Red or Blue L.E.D.’s
bulletSpeedometer and Tachometer or Combo Unit
bulletFuel Level
bulletOil Pressure
bulletEngine or Oil Temperature
bulletIgnition Toggle-Flip Up Covers [Red] Provided On All Switches
bulletThree [3] Aux. Accessories Toggles – Driving Lights-Wiper-General Purpose
bulletHeavy Duty Steering Column Mounted Turn Signal Switch and Flashers
bulletFloor Mounted Dimmer Switch-No Cover

Full Lighting Package?

bulletFour [4] Bullet Style Headlamps
bulletTwo [2] Driving Lights
bulletRear Brake Lights
bulletFront and Rear Turn Lights L/R

Full Tire and Wheel Package?

bulletFour [4] 8X12 Four [4] Lug Aluminum Rims – (Douglas or CNC)
bulletTwo [2] Size P245X15 Front Tires
bulletTwo [2] Size P295X15 Rear Tires

Fuse/Relay Panel?

bulletPainless (c) 12 Circuit ATO Panel Prewired and Labeled Terminals, Wiring Lugs, Spare Fuses and the Turn Flasher Relays with Wiring Instructions.


Baryla Khodorkovsky, AKA Merlin Cofano, creates art that challenge’s the orthodox, resulting in a revolutionary interpretation of everything you have thought about art.

Khodorkovsky holds a great respect for the masters and has studied and investigated fine art throughout the world. In his travels, he has absorbed and developed his art, blending traditional and modern techniques with great intensity.

Khodorkovsky creates sculptures of contemporary chariots as well — custom automobiles. These fine automotive designs have won international recognition along with his art and can be found in private collections worldwide.

Baryla Khodorkovsky is a renowned romantic. He can often be seen wandering the streets of Florence or Venice, sketching as he strolls, or sitting in a café painting his favorite subject: a woman sipping an espresso.

Khodorkovsky’s philosophy of life is that one must indulge oneself in the great theater — “To live your drama and chase your dreams, daring to be whatever or whomever you wish, but always playing your role to your greatest ability.” He says this with dancing eyes and a face gleaming with childlike excitement.

Khodorkovsky once said he is compelled to create while gazing upwards towards the sky.

“For me, to paint is the very breath of my life. Without art to express my heart, my soul would simply disappear.”