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Along with building concept cars we have recently added a service to repair damaged fiberglass car body parts. As members of the Northern Califonia Kit Car Club, we have offered car owners with damaged parts an opportunity to have their damaged car parts repaired instead of replaced.

Many dune buggy or kit car owners find auto body repair shops to be unable to fix fiberglass or obtain customised fenders, spoilers, or flairs for their particular vehicle. We have a source to match your original paint job and color or can just primer coat the repaired part.
Simply fill out our quote form and we will provide you with a free estimate.

Northern California Kit Car Club

Merlin Street Racer


General Description
Front engine
Rear wheel drive
Two seat coupe
Powertrain  Engine: Inline six
Displacement: 2565 CC
Transmission: Four speed manual
Horsepower: 162 @ 5600 (without improvements)

Suspension: Standard McPherson struts
Steering: Standard Datsun Z
Brakes: Optional Datsun rear disk brakes

Body: 168″ L x 67″ W x 49″ H
Wheelbase: Standard Datsun Z
Wheels: Front ~ 8×15, Rear ~ 10×15
Tires: Front ~ P235x15, Rear ~ P295x15

Stage One Kit ~$7,995.00 
Street  Racer Version
Turnkey $24,900-You furnish the donor
A street legal, ready to drive MERLIN in working order with all standard equipment.
• Headlamps & covers, tail lights and directional lights.
• Custom seats (choose from “Corbeau” seats with 4-point harnesses).
• Goodrich tires.
• Your choice of Hallibrand, Daytona or Zenith wheels.

Prices do not include tax. All prices F.O.B. Cotati, CA.

Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee. Prior written permission for return must be submitted to PKDesigns, and authorized before return of items will be accepted. Shipment of returned goods must be prepaid or it will not be accepted. No returns after 90 days.

Dena Body Package

Grey Slick Sand Primered Fiberglass Body Parts

1. Top and sides + Floor pan, moulded seats, dash panel, windshield posts
2. Hood
3. L/R Doors
4. Trunk Cover
5. Rear Engine Access
6. Lower Rear Panel
7. Bug Pack Wiring Harness
8. Lights

Assembly of these parts is done using a shortened VW floor pan [14″ taken out] or any 80″ wheelbase chassis you make or have made


Pricing for 2010 on the Dena are as follows:

Complete Kit – Body Parts-Lights-Bug Pack Wiring Harness
–  $7500.00
Remove and replace on your donor,
add $2500.00 

Custom parts are available through the advertisers in Hot VW Magazine and are purchased at the discretion of the owner and must be shipped to our shop if we are to put together the vehicle for you.

Additional labor charges for placement/wiring or installation of non-stock parts will be incurred. 


Specifications on these vehicles vary according to your needs. We have a standardized build for each vehicle, but we will work with you to build the cars your way as much as possible. Each of these vehicles utilize a donor vehicle and can be built by you as a ‘kit’ or we will build it for you as a complete turnkey vehicle. 

The standardized Merlin “Dena” is constructed utilizing a modified VW Chassis with all stock parts and accessories. You provide the donor.

The standardized Merlin “Street Racer ‘Z’ is constructed utilizing a stock donor Datsun 240, 260, 280.  Again you  provide your own donor. After have discussed your needs, we will put together a quote for you and get your authorization and deposit. As of this posting, we are booked through June 2010.

Welcome to Car Concept Designs

Our handcrafted concept cars are artwork fiberglass custom creations which are designed to allow you to build them as a kit car or we will build a complete turnkey vehicle for you, customized to your specifications if possible.

We are located in the Bay Area of California. From hot rods to sports cars reminisent of the “Scarab” and “Cobra” along with the GT series automobile, at PKDesigns our work is art.

When our chief designer/artist is not painting or sculpting, he is working on cars which are his latest passion. Merlin Cofano has been in this industry for over 47 years!