Baryla Khodorkovsky, AKA Merlin Cofano, creates art that challenge’s the orthodox, resulting in a revolutionary interpretation of everything you have thought about art.

Khodorkovsky holds a great respect for the masters and has studied and investigated fine art throughout the world. In his travels, he has absorbed and developed his art, blending traditional and modern techniques with great intensity.

Khodorkovsky creates sculptures of contemporary chariots as well — custom automobiles. These fine automotive designs have won international recognition along with his art and can be found in private collections worldwide.

Baryla Khodorkovsky is a renowned romantic. He can often be seen wandering the streets of Florence or Venice, sketching as he strolls, or sitting in a café painting his favorite subject: a woman sipping an espresso.

Khodorkovsky’s philosophy of life is that one must indulge oneself in the great theater — “To live your drama and chase your dreams, daring to be whatever or whomever you wish, but always playing your role to your greatest ability.” He says this with dancing eyes and a face gleaming with childlike excitement.

Khodorkovsky once said he is compelled to create while gazing upwards towards the sky.

“For me, to paint is the very breath of my life. Without art to express my heart, my soul would simply disappear.”