About Us

Here is a little about our history and the history of the Merlin ‘Dena’. 

Our artist designer, Merlin Cofano, a.k.a Barry Goldstien, has been in this industry for over 47 years. This URL will take you to a site which depicts the past history of his work.            

After Merlin’s departure from Eagle, he concentrated more on his artwork and sculptures. 

Re-entering the industry was accomplished and that history can be found here: 

As of this date, RMotorsports no longer offers or is a dealer for this vehicle.
Information, specs and updates are only available through us at PKDesigns. Since PKDesigns was already a registered web domain, we adopted the carconceptdesigns name for our web presence.

The progression of the Dena prototype has led us to using an 80″ wheelbase chassis, which was accomplished by taking a stock VW Beetle and cutting it down by 14 inches. The fiberglass body bolts directly down to that chassis or other custom built 80″ chassis which are available throughout the U.S. Depending on your choice of drive train/engine, determines the chassis style you would need to build the car.

Aftermarket or stock products to customize your vehicle are available through many sources advertized in Hot VW Magazine.

The intricacies of this body design make it a tough challenge to produce, but we like a challenge!

Car enthusiasts from all over the world fell in love with this design and we have been working very hard to finally get this car into production. Some minor changes are in the final stages and we plan on road testing this vehicle very soon. Following this test, we will have a feature article in Kit Car Magazine and that announcement will appear on our web site.

If building a “kit” is not your thing, we can build it for you using a stock donor VW which you would furnish. The cost for this is listed on our web site.

We look forward to working with you to make this sleek little street hot rod!

The PKCrew;